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Rough Country

UTV Multi-Function Winch Cleat | Black

UTV Multi-Function Winch Cleat | Black

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Complete any winch set up by replacing your standard winch hook with Rough Country?ÇÖs stylized forged aluminum UTV Multi-Function Winch Cleat. This cutting-edge design provides multiple options for recovery and safety when it comes to conquering the trails.\
Recovery situations may not always call for the same tools to complete the job. With a max load rating of 12,000lbs, and it being designed to use with both steel cables and synthetic winch ropes. Our multi-hook will provide the safest and strongest means to get back your UTV back on the beaten path. It can be purposed as, or accommodate a 5-8" D-ring, and works with soft shackles/tree savers for when you need to winch from a variety of anchor points.\
No matter what the situation on the trail calls for, Rough Country?ÇÖs forged aluminum Multi-Function Winch Cleat?áis the accessory you need to complete your off-road recovery kit.

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