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Rough Country

Performance CVT Drive Belt | Can-Am Defender/Maverick

Performance CVT Drive Belt | Can-Am Defender/Maverick

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Ultimate performance boost. If you're looking to take on tougher challenges and push your UTV to its limits without worrying about drive belt failure, this Rough County upgrade is for you. Our UTV Drive Belts reduce slippage, increase horsepower capacity, and offer more responsive engine braking, all while running cooler than the leading competitors. Built to handle higher heat and longer rides than the stock drive belt, the Rough Country UTV Drive Belts are the ultimate solution for enhancing your UTV's performance, letting you ride longer and harder without worrying about overheating or damaging your drive belt.\
Improved construction. With its advanced design and top-of-the-line features, this drive belt is engineered to deliver a superior level of performance that will take your UTV to the next level. Constructed with specially formulated, high-temperature polychloroprene and Aramid fiber reinforcement, these belts have proven reliable at over 12,000 rpms, providing faster, more consistent throttle response and improved durability. The deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom of the belts offer ultimate flexibility, longer belt life, and cooler running temperatures, making the Rough Country UTV Drive Belts the ultimate solution for upgrading your UTV's performance.

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