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Rough Country

N3 Coil Over UTV Shock Set | Stock | Polaris Ranger 1000/Ranger XP 900/1000

N3 Coil Over UTV Shock Set | Stock | Polaris Ranger 1000/Ranger XP 900/1000

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Improved Stance, Balance, and Handling.?ǻ?áRough Country's?áN3?áCoil-overs?áwill?áimprove your Polaris Ranger's performance capability. Our?áN3?áCoil-overs help stabilize your vehicle's movements, enhancecontrol when you turn, brake, accelerate or ride over uneven road surfaces. Made for rugged off-road performance, our?áN3?áshocks have a?ádeflective disc damping system?áfor a more stable ride, preserving the smooth ride quality you need.\
Quality Construction.?ǻRough Country's?áN3?áCoil-overs have been engineered to give you?áreliable performance, driving comfort, and all-around performance for your UTV.?áOur N3 shocks offer?áspring height adjustment?ávia the?áadjustable?ácam supporting the lower spring perch.?áThe?áspring?áperch can be raised or lowered to?ásuit each individual?ÇÖs needs.?áSo,?áif?áyou're looking to add a little extra clearance, our?áN3?áCoil-overs are the perfect solution.\
Installation and Warranty.?áThis bolt-on installation requires just basic tools and about 2-3 hours to complete. Our?áN3?áCoil-over Kit?áis backed with a three-year replacement warranty towards manufacturer defects. As such, the product is protected from structural and workmanship damage after the date of purchase. With our industry-leading warranty, give yourself peace of mind when using Rough Country's products!

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