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Ironman 4x4

Foam Cell Pro 2" Suspension Kit Suited for Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser/Lexus LX470 - Stage 1

Foam Cell Pro 2" Suspension Kit Suited for Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser/Lexus LX470 - Stage 1

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Our Foam Cell Pro 2 Inch lift suspension systems provide an unmatched combination of on-road handling improvements and remarkable off-road performance for your Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser or Lexus LX470 

This supreme suspension was initially developed for the US military with a specific brief to produce the most durable, dependable shock absorber possible. Foam Cell Pro had to be capable of handling very heavy up-armored Toyota Land Cruisers, Toyota Hilux and other operational vehicles in incredibly remote locations, hot climates, and rugged terrain. Foam Cell is a unique technology and an alternative to the typical Nitro-Gas and oil combination found in the majority of other shock absorbers on the market.  

A shock typically fades as the internal temperature increases, oil and Nitro-gas emulsify; under consistent use, this can lead to complete failure. Foam Cell technology removes the Nitro-Gas from the equation, filling the shock absorber with oil. More oil equates to increased cooling/dissipation of heat; our foam cell sleeve controls the dampening of the piston. The result; optimal performance, specifically with heavier vehicles carrying accessories such as front/rear bumpers, winches, rooftop tents, work equipment, or when towing.  

Foam cell technology also decreases the strain on the shock by removing the Nitro-gas, this removes internal pressure on the seals and increases the service life of the strut, allowing the Foam Cell Pro's to work at peak performance for much longer than any other suspension out there. When it is time for a service, the Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers are completely rebuildable.   

The Ironman 4x4 lift kit provides significant improvements in the vehicle's dynamics and performance over inferior lift kit options such as a body lift. Every shock is designed from the ground up by our Australian engineering department, and valved for each specific vehicle.  

Our Foam Cell Pro suspension kits contain all the necessary parts to lift your Land Cruiser or Lexus LX470 and increase it's payload capacity. Up front you get Ironman 4x4 heavy duty torsion bars, 2 x Foam Cell Pro shocks custom valved for this rig, and our lower control arm strengthening brackets addressing common weak point of these vehicles. Out back, a choice of two progressive coils, either a "performance" coil providing comfort and lift between 0lbs and 440lbs over stock load or a constant load option designed to carry between 440lbs up to 880lbs of additional weight. Dampening is delivered by the two rear foam cell pro shocks. 

Our suspension kits will dramatically reduce the body roll of the truck, increasing all-round stability during crawling and high-speed driving. So, while the suspension is working overtime, you and your passengers will enjoy an ultra-plush ride over virtually any terrain.  

The Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro range is designed to meet all the demands and challenges faced both on and off-road, loaded or unloaded while producing a superb ride.  

The Foam Cell Pro shocks in this lift kit feature a twin-tube design for maximum durability under harsh Overlanding, wheeling, or off-roading. This design significantly reduces the chances of a shock puncture from rocks, roots, logs, and other outside elements. This innovative design means that even when the shocks take a hit, the chance of puncturing the inner metal tube is significantly decreased, so you are less likely to damage the shock internals or lose the oil. 

Vehicle Fitment

Make Model Year
Lexus LX470 1998
Lexus LX470 1999
Lexus LX470 2000
Lexus LX470 2001
Lexus LX470 2002
Lexus LX470 2003
Lexus LX470 2004
Lexus LX470 2005
Lexus LX470 2006
Lexus LX470 2007
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 1998
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 1999
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2000
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2001
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2002
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2003
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2004
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2005
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2006
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser 2007
PLEASE read all product page details for more fitment information


  • Estimated Lift: 2"
  • Package Details: Kit

This Kit Includes:

  • TOY050 - Torsion Bars (one set)
  • Rear coil springs (one set)
  • 45795FE - Front Foam Cell PRO shocks (2)
  • 45796FE - Rear Foam Cell PRO shocks (2)
  • BRACKET100 - Landcruiser 100 Series Control Arm Reinforcement (1)

The Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Features Include:

  • 2.8" outer body diameter
  • Chrome hardened piston rod
  • 1/8" exterior tube wall thickness
  • 360 degree welded mounts
  • Rebuildable design
  • Threaded height adjustable strut spring seat
  • Integrated bump stop (on applicable models)
  • Single piece solid mounting base
  • Solid one piece eye ring
  • Twin Tube Construction
  • Foam Cell Design



Wrench Icon View Lower Control Arm Reinforcement Instruction Sheet


When installing the rear coil springs on your 100 Series Land Cruiser, first identify the part number on the spring.

The coil spring marked “D/S” (shorter coil) should be installed on the passenger's side.

The coil spring marked “N/S” (taller coil) should be installed on the driver's side.

(The taller coil should be installed on the fuel tank side.)

Installation Video:

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