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Rough Country

2 Inch Spectrum Series LED Light Pods

2 Inch Spectrum Series LED Light Pods

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Command the Dark. Introducing Rough Country's Spectrum 2-Inch Cube Lights, the ultimate in off-road lighting. These lights feature a sleek, bezel-less design that blends seamlessly with your vehicle. With 80 watts per light and 9600 lumens per pair, these lights pack a powerful punch. The flood beam pattern provides wide coverage and increased visibility, making it easier to navigate rough terrain. Upgrade your off-road experience with Rough Country's Spectrum 2-Inch Cube Lights.\
Built to Last. In addition to their sleek design and powerful output, Rough Country's Spectrum 2-Inch Cube Lights also feature an IP67/IP69K waterproof rating, which gives them maximum protection against dust and water. Each light contains 4, 10W Osram LEDs, set in a rugged aluminum casing that protects them from impact and vibration. An impact-resistant lens protects the LEDs, ensuring bright, clear visibility. Sold in pairs, our lights include snap-on covers and are perfect for anyone looking to add some serious lighting power to their off-road setup.\
Installation and Warranty. Installation is a breeze with our lights. Each set includes a wiring harness and on/off switch, making the installation process quick and hassle-free. With a 3-year warranty, you can rest assured that these lights are built to last. Whether you're hitting the trails or navigating through the toughest terrain, let Rough Country's Spectrum 2-Inch Cube Lights light your way!

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