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Rough Country

2 Inch Black Series LED Light Pods | SAE Fog | Yellow

2 Inch Black Series LED Light Pods | SAE Fog | Yellow

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Don't let fog, snow, or rain hinder your driving experience any longer. Rough Country LED Fog Lights are designed to tackle the toughest conditions head-on, providing you with the confidence to navigate safely. Here's why these lights are a must-have addition to your vehicle: \
Incredible Illumination: Shine a light on the problem with an astounding 2400 lumens and 24 watts of brilliant brightness. No more struggling to see through the fog or rain; our fog lights cut through the elements.\
Perfect Color Temperature: Boasting a 3200K color temperature, these fog lights provide a warm, yellow light that reduces glare and ensures optimal visibility without straining your eyes.\
Street Compliant: You can have the best of both worlds! Our LED Fog Lights are compliant for street use, making them a versatile choice for daily driving and off-road adventures.\
Built to Weather the Storm: With an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, these lights are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Rain, sleet, or snow, they'll keep shining through it all.\
Rugged Construction: Crafted with durable die-cast aluminum housing, our fog lights are tough enough to handle the roughest terrain while keeping your investment safe.\
Moisture Breather Technology: Say goodbye to fogged-up lenses! Experience crystal-clear visibility thanks to our revolutionary Moisture Breather technology, which effectively minimizes moisture buildup behind the lens. \
All-Inclusive Kit: We've got you covered from start to finish. Each kit includes a premium, flat-wound wiring harness, an on/off switch, and all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation.\
Don't let poor visibility slow you down! Upgrade your vehicle with Rough Country's LED Fog Lights and conquer the elements with confidence.

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